Salus Populi
Suprema Lex

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Assemble the atom

You will die

Feel. Connect.
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Karolina Laxmi Owczarek

I live in south east London, and I have recently graduated with an upper 2:1 in Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University. I want to gain professional experience in different pathways within Graphic Design. I am interested in exciting, creative opportunities, especially internships.

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You will die laughing

This project showcases Lydia Condensed Bold in a specimen. Its theme of dark humour plays on the fact that Lydia is a serious typeface, but also responds to its Gothic connotations. This is reflected in the playful visual language, and gothic colours.

The chunky binding relates back to the Gothic theme but also adds another modern element. The elegant, smooth and red ribbon holds the publication together.

Salus Populi Suprema Lex

Wabi Sabi is an aesthetic from Japan, 14th century. Its roots lay in Zen Buddhism which inspire the aesthetic. Wabi Sabi celebrates the transience of life, the beauty of nature, the simple, the broken and the ordinary.

The project explores Wabi Sabi in context that is relevant to our culture and time. The final outcomes are two hand made books that contain a collection of photographs taken in Lewisham Borough with an analogue camera

‘Salus Populi Suprema Lex’ is Lewisham’s motto; translated from Latin, it means ‘The welfare of the people is the first great law’.

Photographs have been categorised into different groups, this is higlighted through the use of different paper. All of the paper used in the book 100% sustainable. Most of paper used has been recycled and the cover is hand made from recyclable materials found in the Lewisham borough.

The book should not be owned by anyone; I gave one of the books away and it is intended to always be passed on or given back to a charity shop.

Assemble the atom

The puzzle takes the audience through basics of how atoms are formed. It teaches and inspires to further a person’s education of physics. The visual language includes vivid, fun colours; however, it also expresses a scientific theme.

One of the first steps asks the user to read the small instructions on each of the puzzles, using a magnifying lenses. This allows for the user to assemble the instructions together and uncover the next step of the puzzle.

Colours represent different groups of particles, and shapes are used to identify a different particle. For example: the three main groups are Quarks (silver), Bosons (fluorescent yellow) and Leptons (purple). However, within the bosons there are two different particles, photons and gluon. They have different shapes to each other and they interact differently.

Feel. Connect. Be Inspired.

‘Feel. Connect. Be Inspired. By Opera’ campaign promotes opera to younger audience (20-30 year old) by questioning the stereotypes of what opera is. It shows opera in a ‘different light’, offering an experience of ‘emotional roller coaster’ and relatable, big themes.

The photographs are positioned in a dynamic way and portraying opposite emotions. This reflects on intensity of the ‘emotional roller coaster’ opera offers.

The photographs in each poster are inspired by two different operas: ‘Tosca’ and ‘Carmen’. Each photo shoot was an artistic representation of the feeling from the each of the arias. The models were asked to listen to the aria and do whatever they felt was a representation of it. This approach felt appropriate considering the romantic theme that opera has

To connect with audience I directed and edited two short films: one being an artistic represenaton of the arias, and secon one a documentary style video that shows production of the campaign. This is designed to be uploaded on Youtube and Facebook to connect with the audience by providing a genuine image of young people being interested in opera. Password: ROHFilms